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Online Casino Bonuses – What are they and what is preferable?

There are so many various types of online casino bonuses because there are so many different types of players, with varying degrees of financial clout, experience and interests. Any given player may prefer to receive a fistful of money before he plays, or she may prefer poker to slots for example. The very best online casinos have a range of bonuses, from welcome to reload, to daily, weekly and monthly specials. It is really all about you and what suits you best.

The most common bonuses

Welcome match deposit bonuses are without a shadow of a doubt the most common form of online casino bonuses that you will find on the net. With this bonus a player is rewarded a percentile of free money based on how much he or she deposits. For example a deposit of £100 at a 100% match would give you two hundred pounds to play with; one hundred of your own, and one hundred free. Some sites also like to offer reload bonuses which are essentially exactly the same thing, although they are valid every time you deposit, albeit it a lesser percentage.

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Other common bonuses can include free money with no deposit required that you can wager before you decide if you wish to play with your money or not, and free spins, which can be awarded as a means to reward players for continuous play in an online casino.

Other online casino bonuses

Loyalty bonuses are another form of online casino bonuses, and all of the best online casinos will have them. These reward you for the amount of time you spend playing in the online casino, and can often be specific to each game you play. Loyalty bonuses, although generally not worth much in monetary value, do offer prizes, loyalty points (which can be deemed for cash) and often V.I.P. status upgrades. These can then often be used to better your own list of promotions on offer from the casino.

Another form of bonus comes in the form of refer-a-friend bonuses. Many of the best online casinos have these too. If you were to introduce a friend to the online casino for instance, you would be rewarding with cash. Whilst this is common, offers that centre on daily, weekly and monthly promotions are more advantageous because they promise long term deals every day, week or month. Again, the best online casinos have these too.

Which casino bonus is for you?

It really is a consumers market. Exactly which bonus suits you best only you can decide, but generally people prefer match deposit bonuses and this guarantees them instant money when they deposit to their accounts, with few problems.

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