Exciting Bingo Rooms at Lucky Pants Bingo

Two fat ladies 88! Cup of Tea 3! Two little ducks 22! And BINGO! That fascinating card which is aligned with different numbers is certainly a famous game which everyone knows. Bingo games have been existing for many decades. While some people still prefer to linger in rooms full of people for some bingo fun, other opt for online bingo rooms which are much easily accessible. Now, if you are looking for the best online bingo site, Lucky Pants Bingo is your destination. So, are you ready for an insight of the best bingo rooms?

90 Ball Bingo

In many regions, 90-ball bingo is the favourite game of many players. This type of bingo game requires cards which consists of 15 numbers. The cards are made with 5 numbers in each 3 rows, anywhere within the 9 columns. Obviously, the numbers on the cards start from 1 and ends at 90, but each column can display numbers from a specific range. At Lucky Pants Bingo, there are over 10 90-Ball Bingo room where you can start your quest for winnings. These exciting bingo rooms are Fat Cat, Penny Heaven, The Big Dabber, Lucky Newbie, Free Bingo, Lucky Stripes, Win-Win Wednesday, No Limits Daily, No Limits Weekly and No Limits Monthly. The price ticket for each of these room vary from a minimum of 1p up to a maximum of £1. Also, you will always have a choice of 90-ball bingo games to play as these rooms are open at various times, and some of these are hosted by friendly and experienced chat moderators. The main 90-ball bingo room, Lucky Stripes, host usual chat tournaments which give away massive everchanging prizes.

75 Ball Bingo

75-ball bingo is a different variation of bingo games which was started in United States. The 75 ball bingo cards consist of 5 rows and 5 columns, which equals to 25 squares. The middle square is always blank, while the remaining ones consists of a unique number. Winning on these cards is simple- the player just need to daub numbers on a line either vertically, horizontally or diagonally. However, at Lucky Pants Bingo, you can even win by daubing on different patterns such as letters or shapes. Want to try? The 75-ball bingo rooms which will blow your mind are Free 50, Red Hearts, Pandora Mystery Box and Shop to Drop. The cards can be bought from the room itself and the prices range from 5p to 10p. The main 75-ball bingo room is Red Hearts, which is always hosted by a chat host. Plus, amazing chat games are played, so that you can win other perks like free spins, free cards or points.

5 Line Bingo

Also known as Swedish Bingo, 5-Line Bingo is played at a faster pace than other types of bingo games. It is played on a 5×5 grid, but all the squares are marked with numbers, thus there are no left-out blank spaces. This game ends when there are 5 winners, that is one winner per each line. This type of game can be won diagonally, horizontally or vertically as well. You can play this type of bingo in either Bonus Booster or £10K Slider Room at Lucky Pants Bingo. These room are also pre-buy ones, which means that you need to grab your tickets earlier, and join the room on the date and time as specified.

So, are you ready to let the bingo balls roll at Lucky Pants Bingo?

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