The power of the smartphone is now legendary, and it's incredible what those wacky engineers are cooking up in those huge research and development laboratories. But if you don't have the inside scoop, you can still have fun while you wait for your favorite handset manufacturer to spill the details on the next big thing: you can take your entertainment to the smartphone you already have.

mobile bingo

Now, hear us out for a few moments: your smartphone is still going to be there to make calls with. You aren't going to get so lost in the world of online bingo that you aren't going to do anything else. We're just advising you to check for mobile bingo to fill in the spots of time where no one is calling and it feels like there's nothing to do. For example, if you have a trip to the chiropractor planned, it might feel like torture. We think that these doctors mean well but it can hurt getting your back adjusted. You might also have other questions that you're nervous about asking, so playing mobile bingo games might take the edge off your internal tension.

Of course, there is the chance to win extra money. Could you imagine playing bingo in a room with a progressive jackpot and winning? It would be hard to contain your excitement, but you'll have to try. Or you can spill the beans and tell everyone where you play. You might not win over new friends to check it out for themselves, but you can have bragging rights. Deep down, everyone loves to crow about a good win anyway. ...continue reading Shrink Bingo down to the Smartphone – Absolutely

We're all busier than we should be, so the heat is on to find a schedule-friendly activity that takes us from our problems but still makes sure that we have time to go back to the old-fashioned to-do list. We've got a few ideas on how to pass the time, but there's really nothing like bingo online to give you hours of entertainment.

Bingo Online

Now if you've never played bingo before, you might wonder how you could possibly spend hours and hours enjoying it. The truth is that it's exciting to play bingo because there's always a chance that you're going to win. Can you even up the odds a little bit? The only way to really improve on your luck with bingo is to play at times where there aren't as many people playing. It means that there aren't as many cards that you have to compete against, and that can be a very nice feeling. But if you're just looking to have a good time, bingo is great whether you win or lose.

The treat comes from the chance of winning, not necessarily whether or not that you win or not. We find ourselves playing bingo for the cool themes, the fun sounds, and even the excitement of seeing other people win. Bingo, when you play it right, isn't about being the selfish person that doesn't want anyone to win. It's about being someone that can rise up, play a few games, and enjoy themselves. We want to see more people win, even it means that we don't get to win this time. After all, if other people can win, someday our time will come. That's the way we see it at least. ...continue reading Bingo Online is a schedule-friendly Game You can Trust

If you have not played online bingo before you may wonder whether it is hard to play. Of course you could just click for play bingo and go straight to a site and try it out. However, here I will explain what you have to do in order to start playing and then to play the game.

Most sites will want you to register before you start to play. You will need to give them some details such as your email address and maybe sign up a credit card so that you can pay to play. If you are concerned about this, then look at reviews and also check out the security certificates on the site first and this should put your mind at rest. You may want to explore the site a bit first as well and look at alternatives. It can take a while to choose between different sites though. Perhaps you may have had a recommendation from someone or want to go for a well-known brand.


Once you have registered with a site you should be able to start playing. You may need to credit some money to your account first or you may be able to play some free games first. You may also want to check out the FAQs so that you know the rules of the games. Although bingo is quite a simple game, there are different ways to decide who wins and so it is worth finding that out first. You need to know how to claim any winnings that you win and whether there are any special terms and conditions you need to be aware of first. If you have never played bingo before, then make sure that you are familiar with how the game works in a general sense.

Once you get playing you need to know whether you have to cross off the numbers on your card as they get called or whether this is done automatically. You will also need to be ready to make a claim in case you win. You will need to know whether you win if you get four corners, a line, full house or something else. This is usually quite obvious but you need to know.

Often there is a small time gap between games. You can use this to chat to other players if there is a chat room. It can be handy to ask them any questions you may have about the game so that you can quickly learn how to play. You can also use it as an opportunity to meet some new people and even make some brand new friends!

This actually makes the game sound quite complicated. It is in fact very simple. It is just important to be aware that sites may vary slightly in their rules and so you need to check these out before you play to make sure that you do not miss out on any opportunities to win.

Looking into sources of entertainment online is great for one reason: you get to have complete control over your time. Of course, going online opens doors of entertainment that not only are under your control, but they fight boredom extremely well. One game that we keep coming back to time after time would have to be online bingo. There are four great reasons why you should check into a good free online bingo site, and this guide will cover all of them.

1. Plenty of Action

Ever gone to a local bingo hall and they closed early because there was lack of interest? With online bingo games, you don't have to worry about that at all. There's always a game going on, with very little wait time involved.

2. No Lines

Even if lack of activity isn't a problem, there may be times where there are simply too many people that want to play offline, causing the venue to turn away other bingo players. You don't have that type of problem with online sites devoted to bingo, because volume is what they specialize in. What we mean by this is that they know that they could have hundreds of thousands of people online at one time, so they have the underlying structure and framework to deal with that. No lines, no waiting, no problem!

3. Plenty of Giveaways

One of the leading problems with companies today is actually a lack of customer service. People don't feel appreciated anymore, so it drives them away to competitors. But with online bingo, you get treated like you're part of the team from the beginning. If you have a problem, you can get it taken care of very quickly. If a room stops working right, you can count on someone fixing it so the fun can continue. If that weren't enough, did you know that you can be entered for prizes just because you were playing bingo? Even if you don't decide to play for real money, you can still enjoy bingo to the fullest!

4. Great People

We couldn't talk about a free online bingo site without mentioning the massive crowd that it attracts. You will get plenty of people that want to sit and chat with you, all while they play their favorite bingo variations. Some bingo games are going to be harder than others. Did you know that sometimes, you might have to call the numbers in a way that makes a double bingo, or an X pattern? Those are actually pretty classic patterns, but we've seen some pretty wild ones out there as well!

Overall, the experience of a bingo site is something that you have to check out for yourself. But if you're looking for entertainment that doesn't make big demands of you, then it's definitely time to check out online bingo right away. After all, if you decide to play for real money, then you could win more than you expect. Have fun!

When you play bingo, it is possible that you will get a choice of cards to play with. Some people will choose to pick numbers that they think are lucky for them. Other people do not believe in lucky numbers and are happy to use a random selection.

It has been proved many times that there is no such thing as luck. However, there is such a thing as expectation that could influence whether you win a lot. For example, assume that you have your lucky numbers on your bingo card and therefore expect to win. You will pay close attention to the game and be sure to mark all of the numbers that you match. If you do not expect to win, then you may be rather despondent and not pay enough attention, missing some of the numbers that you should have marked. Therefore you have influenced your chances of winning or losing based on your belief about luck.

Lucky Bingo Numbers

This is just one theory though. You may find that attitude has no bearing on winning either and that you are just as likely to win if you think you have a good chance of doing so, than if you think that you are destined to lose.

Some people believe that with a positive attitude, you can achieve anything and it is true with regards to goal setting. But whether you can have enough influence to win more often at bingo does seem unlikely because it is all down to chance. The take away message is that you should never rely on luck as it could mean that you will gamble more money than you should, but also do not be down and expect to lose as this will not help you in any way. Try to keep open minded and neutral, bet sensibly and you will have as much chance of winning as everyone else.