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Beating the Casino House Edge

Most of casino revenue comes from the “House Edge”. For the regular online casino player, this is a familiar term. Although someone new to a gambling website might find it difficult to comprehend, especially when they come across statements like ” slots has the highest house edge” or “blackjack is the most profitable games to play because it has a low house edge”.

When you play at an online casino, you lose more number of times than you win. In most of the casino games, you are playing against the casino, also known as the house. The online gaming software is developed to give the casino operator an advantage, which means that the odds are stacked in favor of the casino leading the casino to win on more occasions than the player. Casino software uses something called the Random Number Generator to replicate random chance in virtual gaming. This ensures that the outcome of the games is purely by chance.  Casinos are not cheating the player, but they do have a natural advantage over the player.

Casino House Edge

Online casinos are a business entity, wanting to make a profit and this is perfectly legal so long as they don’t cheat their customers. The house edge is the means for online casinos to earn revenues. To take an example, the house edge for Roulette is 5%. So for each dollar wagered on a roulette game, the casino gets 5 cents while the balance 95 cents go to the winners of that game. Over a period of time, casinos will steadily make the money since the players can’t beat the house edge. But this is not to say that online casino games are not profitable. In the short term, many players manage to win their games and also make a small profit.

Although it is not possible to beat the house edge, you can always learn to work around it and make the most of it if possible. That’s what the winners do. They try to work around the house edge by learning the skills to play the game with the best strategy available so that they get ahead of the house edge. It is pertinent to note here that the player wins occasionally and not consistently while playing at a online gambling site.

Online casino winnings could be termed as short term fluctuations where the player gets the better of the casino. However, even when the individual player wins on occasion, seemingly by beating the house edge, the casino is still quite ahead in terms of overall profit margins. Consider the fact that for every individual win there are numerous others who have lost that particular game. So ultimately, it is always the casino that wins in the long run.

Despite the fact that there is no way to beat the casino house edge, many gamblers have tried to find a way to gain an advantage over the casino. In this search for the “perfect method” to get ahead of the casino, numerous betting systems came into being, claiming to be able to beat the casino house edge. These betting systems endeavored to assure the player that he could win provided he used optimal gaming strategy. But the point here is that very few casino gamblers play with optimal strategy; many of them don’t know what the optimal strategy is for a particular game. In case of weak players such as these, the house edge will again tip in favor of the online casino.

Each casino game has a different house edge and when you compare all of them, you’ll find that blackjack has the lowest house edge. Craps and video poker also fall in the same category while the game of slots and keno has the highest house edge. Blackjack, video poker and craps are skill games requiring the player to learn the rules thoroughly if they want to win. It is possible to win at blackjack if you play with the correct strategy or the optimal strategy we mentioned earlier, thus beating the casino.

On the other hand, Keno and slots are games of chance and you have no control whatsoever on the outcome. You cannot hit the winning combination in a slots game, no matter what you do – it is purely a game of chance. Here, the casino has a major edge over the player since the odds are against him. Casino experts would say playing games with a low house edge is the practical thing to do. Yet we find that online slots games are the biggest crowd pullers. Perhaps the huge jackpots they pay are the main reason apart from the fact that no skills are required to play slots games.

Even though the gambling websites has an advantage over you in the long term, it is quite possible to make a reasonable profit by playing online casino games in the short term. So go ahead and enjoy your online casino games!

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