The power of the smartphone is now legendary, and it's incredible what those wacky engineers are cooking up in those huge research and development laboratories. But if you don't have the inside scoop, you can still have fun while you wait for your favorite handset manufacturer to spill the details on the next big thing: you can take your entertainment to the smartphone you already have.

mobile bingo

Now, hear us out for a few moments: your smartphone is still going to be there to make calls with. You aren't going to get so lost in the world of online bingo that you aren't going to do anything else. We're just advising you to check for mobile bingo to fill in the spots of time where no one is calling and it feels like there's nothing to do. For example, if you have a trip to the chiropractor planned, it might feel like torture. We think that these doctors mean well but it can hurt getting your back adjusted. You might also have other questions that you're nervous about asking, so playing mobile bingo games might take the edge off your internal tension.

Of course, there is the chance to win extra money. Could you imagine playing bingo in a room with a progressive jackpot and winning? It would be hard to contain your excitement, but you'll have to try. Or you can spill the beans and tell everyone where you play. You might not win over new friends to check it out for themselves, but you can have bragging rights. Deep down, everyone loves to crow about a good win anyway. ...continue reading Shrink Bingo down to the Smartphone – Absolutely

We're all busier than we should be, so the heat is on to find a schedule-friendly activity that takes us from our problems but still makes sure that we have time to go back to the old-fashioned to-do list. We've got a few ideas on how to pass the time, but there's really nothing like bingo online to give you hours of entertainment.

Bingo Online

Now if you've never played bingo before, you might wonder how you could possibly spend hours and hours enjoying it. The truth is that it's exciting to play bingo because there's always a chance that you're going to win. Can you even up the odds a little bit? The only way to really improve on your luck with bingo is to play at times where there aren't as many people playing. It means that there aren't as many cards that you have to compete against, and that can be a very nice feeling. But if you're just looking to have a good time, bingo is great whether you win or lose.

The treat comes from the chance of winning, not necessarily whether or not that you win or not. We find ourselves playing bingo for the cool themes, the fun sounds, and even the excitement of seeing other people win. Bingo, when you play it right, isn't about being the selfish person that doesn't want anyone to win. It's about being someone that can rise up, play a few games, and enjoy themselves. We want to see more people win, even it means that we don't get to win this time. After all, if other people can win, someday our time will come. That's the way we see it at least. ...continue reading Bingo Online is a schedule-friendly Game You can Trust

If you have not played online bingo before you may wonder whether it is hard to play. Of course you could just click for play bingo and go straight to a site and try it out. However, here I will explain what you have to do in order to start playing and then to play the game.

Most sites will want you to register before you start to play. You will need to give them some details such as your email address and maybe sign up a credit card so that you can pay to play. If you are concerned about this, then look at reviews and also check out the security certificates on the site first and this should put your mind at rest. You may want to explore the site a bit first as well and look at alternatives. It can take a while to choose between different sites though. Perhaps you may have had a recommendation from someone or want to go for a well-known brand.


Once you have registered with a site you should be able to start playing. You may need to credit some money to your account first or you may be able to play some free games first. You may also want to check out the FAQs so that you know the rules of the games. Although bingo is quite a simple game, there are different ways to decide who wins and so it is worth finding that out first. You need to know how to claim any winnings that you win and whether there are any special terms and conditions you need to be aware of first. If you have never played bingo before, then make sure that you are familiar with how the game works in a general sense.

Once you get playing you need to know whether you have to cross off the numbers on your card as they get called or whether this is done automatically. You will also need to be ready to make a claim in case you win. You will need to know whether you win if you get four corners, a line, full house or something else. This is usually quite obvious but you need to know.

Often there is a small time gap between games. You can use this to chat to other players if there is a chat room. It can be handy to ask them any questions you may have about the game so that you can quickly learn how to play. You can also use it as an opportunity to meet some new people and even make some brand new friends!

This actually makes the game sound quite complicated. It is in fact very simple. It is just important to be aware that sites may vary slightly in their rules and so you need to check these out before you play to make sure that you do not miss out on any opportunities to win.

When you're trying to make online casinos your entertainment, the word of the day has to be variety. In other words, if you're trying to escape boredom, you need variety to see you through the many hours between now and your responsibilities. That's where boredom usually strikes, because free time isn't always a good thing. It's better to have something to fill the hours with so that boredom doesn't even think about bothering you.

Yes, the HD does indeed stand for high definition. We're suckers for good graphics, and the gameplay isn't half bad either. Don't worry, we'll fill you in right here on this page!

Cave Raiders HD

Cave Raiders HD is made by Nektan, a lesser known slot company that's really been pouring a lot of focus in on great play and amazing graphics. If you like action-adventure games, you'll like this slot version that really can put money into your pocket. ...continue reading A closer look at Cave Raiders HD

If you are getting a new phone and you like playing mobile casino games then you need to take this into consideration when picking one. Think about the features that the phone will need to have in order to keep your game playing experience the same or improve it. Some tips are contained below.

Screen quality

The screen quality can make a big difference to your enjoyment of any game. Many of the mobile casino games are available in HD and it can be great to be able to enjoy this by using a phone which has a good quality screen. It will also enable you to see the game better which will enhance your enjoyment. Many phones have good screens these days, so make sure that you try them out and choose one which you find will look really good when playing your favourite mobile casino games.

play casino games on phone

Sound quality

If you enjoy the noises and tunes on the mobile casino games that you play, then the sound quality is important. Make sure that you listen to the phone using the headphones that you will be using or the speakers. You will therefore get a proper idea of exactly what it will sound like when you play. Some people prefer to not have any sound on the game or to have the ability to mute it when they are in an inappropriate setting for loud noise. If this is the case make sure that you are able to easily do this with the phone.

Screen size

The size of the screen can have a big impact of your enjoyment of the games as well. You will find that the larger the screen the easier it will be to see what is going on. However, if the phone is too big, it may be difficult to play the game, as it could be awkward to hold. Therefore try out a game when you are choosing your phone to see how the screen size works with it.


It is important to make sure that the amount of memory the phone has is capable of running your favourite mobile casino games. There are many different RAM amounts in phones and the more you pay for the phone the better it is likely to be. However, as long as there is enough to play your favourite games, then you should be happy.


Having a lot of memory will mean that you will be able to store a lot of apps on your phone. If you have a lot of favourite mobile casino games, then you will need a lot of room for storing the apps. Therefore you need to make sure that your phone will be capable of doing this. The more expensive the phone, the more space it is likely to have, but check and make sure that there will be enough to store all of your favourite apps plus the mobile casino ones.

Looking into sources of entertainment online is great for one reason: you get to have complete control over your time. Of course, going online opens doors of entertainment that not only are under your control, but they fight boredom extremely well. One game that we keep coming back to time after time would have to be online bingo. There are four great reasons why you should check into a good free online bingo site, and this guide will cover all of them.

1. Plenty of Action

Ever gone to a local bingo hall and they closed early because there was lack of interest? With online bingo games, you don't have to worry about that at all. There's always a game going on, with very little wait time involved.

2. No Lines

Even if lack of activity isn't a problem, there may be times where there are simply too many people that want to play offline, causing the venue to turn away other bingo players. You don't have that type of problem with online sites devoted to bingo, because volume is what they specialize in. What we mean by this is that they know that they could have hundreds of thousands of people online at one time, so they have the underlying structure and framework to deal with that. No lines, no waiting, no problem!

3. Plenty of Giveaways

One of the leading problems with companies today is actually a lack of customer service. People don't feel appreciated anymore, so it drives them away to competitors. But with online bingo, you get treated like you're part of the team from the beginning. If you have a problem, you can get it taken care of very quickly. If a room stops working right, you can count on someone fixing it so the fun can continue. If that weren't enough, did you know that you can be entered for prizes just because you were playing bingo? Even if you don't decide to play for real money, you can still enjoy bingo to the fullest!

4. Great People

We couldn't talk about a free online bingo site without mentioning the massive crowd that it attracts. You will get plenty of people that want to sit and chat with you, all while they play their favorite bingo variations. Some bingo games are going to be harder than others. Did you know that sometimes, you might have to call the numbers in a way that makes a double bingo, or an X pattern? Those are actually pretty classic patterns, but we've seen some pretty wild ones out there as well!

Overall, the experience of a bingo site is something that you have to check out for yourself. But if you're looking for entertainment that doesn't make big demands of you, then it's definitely time to check out online bingo right away. After all, if you decide to play for real money, then you could win more than you expect. Have fun!

If you decide to join one of the online casino websites that are available out there, you should know that you are promised to have a lot of fun and thrilling experience. There are card games to choose from, slot machines winking at you, and many others games that offer the gaming experience that one can have inside a land based casino-house.

This virtual trip that you will take inside the online casino world can be considered similar to the live experience, since many of these websites are perfect replicas of their 'live’ alternative. The sound and the graphics are quite remarkably achieved in order to confer the most realistic touch to this virtual world of gambling.

When we say virtual we refer strictly to the way the reality is replicated within these websites, because all the rest that relates to the gambling is as real as it is within the land-based casino places. Now that we have settled on this issue, we should move on and reach to the topic of this article: developing your own strategy in order to win more than you lose.

Online Casino Games

In this respect we should draw your attention on the fact that your chances of winning are determined very closely by the type of online casino game that you prefer playing and by the online casino website as well. Many of them can prove to be frauds and close their gates in a matter of months since they have done their profits and can open as such under a different name and interface, too.

More than this, different online casinos come with their own attractive bonuses, with different odds when you are set to have more winnings than loses. At the same time you should be aware of all the strategies that online casinos make use of in order to attract their clientele and than use these strategies into your own advantage.

One other thing that you should look for is for the site to be a recommended one, and do not pick it just because it is ranked among the top page results of the search engine sites. The ranking of an online casino site is not made in accordance to its trustworthiness, but rather on other factors, such as links building, keywords, advertising, traffic, and so on.

This is why it is better to go for the recommended sites as they have more value in this matter, and not the ones that gain value just because they have more relevant keywords in the search engine than any other website.

One other strategy that you can use to work for you is the online casino offers for rewards and bonuses. As you can imagine, each website will come with its own incentives in various forms and amounts to attract their customers. In this way you can go and choose one of the casinos offering the most convenient types of bonuses, even the ones that will not require any deposit to be done, allowing you to save some money when starting the gambling.

Here's a scenario that most gamers will know well: they get started playing at an online casino, and so far, things are pretty good. They have the games they like to play, a community that's decent, and they win enough times that it's worth it to keep playing. So given this scenario, why would anyone want to look at another casino?

The answer is simple: variety. You might be satisfied with the games that are at the casino, but who says that those are all of the games that are out there? Game licensing is a tricky business and not every game will be licensed by every casino. Simply put, they have to pick and choose where they want the money to go. This means that there are some hot games that you might be missing out on playing. A hot game that's making money for other people isn't making any money for you. But there is a way to start correcting this problem. You can always know casino at

New Casinos

What we mean is this: you can check out a new casino all of the time, and start seeing what other casinos are giving their players. If you have reasons to move on, then you can do so without being punished by the old casino. There's nothing that they can do to you, and they will certainly welcome you back if you decide to play there again. In fact, you can play at more than one casino, if you have the bankroll to support such a thing.

You want to mix it up because there's always a new community to check out, and there is certainly always a different contest you can win. Casinos love giving away prizes and money because they know it attracts so many people to their interests.

Play at the casino t your heart's content, but always look for other opportunities. For example, does the casino that you currently play at have a mobile section? This means that you would be able to play on your smartphone, rather than always logging in at the computer. If you don't have that ability, then you really need to check into another casino. You're missing out on a lot more than you think!

Most of casino revenue comes from the “House Edge”. For the regular online casino player, this is a familiar term. Although someone new to a gambling website might find it difficult to comprehend, especially when they come across statements like ” slots has the highest house edge” or “blackjack is the most profitable games to play because it has a low house edge”.

When you play at an online casino, you lose more number of times than you win. In most of the casino games, you are playing against the casino, also known as the house. The online gaming software is developed to give the casino operator an advantage, which means that the odds are stacked in favor of the casino leading the casino to win on more occasions than the player. Casino software uses something called the Random Number Generator to replicate random chance in virtual gaming. This ensures that the outcome of the games is purely by chance.  Casinos are not cheating the player, but they do have a natural advantage over the player.

Casino House Edge

Online casinos are a business entity, wanting to make a profit and this is perfectly legal so long as they don’t cheat their customers. The house edge is the means for online casinos to earn revenues. To take an example, the house edge for Roulette is 5%. So for each dollar wagered on a roulette game, the casino gets 5 cents while the balance 95 cents go to the winners of that game. Over a period of time, casinos will steadily make the money since the players can’t beat the house edge. But this is not to say that online casino games are not profitable. In the short term, many players manage to win their games and also make a small profit.

Although it is not possible to beat the house edge, you can always learn to work around it and make the most of it if possible. That’s what the winners do. They try to work around the house edge by learning the skills to play the game with the best strategy available so that they get ahead of the house edge. It is pertinent to note here that the player wins occasionally and not consistently while playing at a online gambling site. ...continue reading Beating the Casino House Edge

The one thing that exhausts me about casino gaming discussion is the constant belief that you can beat the roulette wheel. What about physics? What about math? What about the law of third? What about…

Save your breath, please. You can keep running circles around the obvious until you’ve got roulette balls for brains, but the bottom line is if there were a sure-fire, bankable way to beat a roulette wheel, there’d be a lot more millionaire’s out there than there are now.

Don’t get me wrong, though, I didn’t say you couldn’t make money in roulette, just that it wouldn’t be guaranteed. And you’d have to instill the typical gambling traits into yourself (patience, discipline, self control) if you want to be successful.

What am I talking about?

First, realization. Roulette is a game that if you want to make big money, you have to put down big wagers. Bottom line. But what goes hand-in-hand with that is trusting yourself completely to be able to walk away after the FIRST time you pull a win from a single-number bet – assuming that puts or keeps you in the black.

Roulette system

That’s the strategy, win big once and go home. Or at least go to the bar. Use progressive betting until you get that hit. Yes, you’ll need a sizable bankroll depending on how much you’re betting each time and how long you plan to wait until that hit comes. Now, I was lying a little when I said you have to go home after one hit. You don’t, but you’ll need to break and go to another table.

On a separate note, since the wheels themselves are, in this modern day of technology, pretty air tight and unbiased, the only faltering variable you can use to spot “trends” at the wheel is the dealer. He or she will sometimes get into a short-term rhythm, something a player can spot, ride out and bet sections of the table to try to capitalize.

Finally, I won’t get into roulette computers here in this article, but just know that they exists and is something else you can look into if you’re interested in gaining further potential advantages at the table.