Here's a scenario that most gamers will know well: they get started playing at an online casino, and so far, things are pretty good. They have the games they like to play, a community that's decent, and they win enough times that it's worth it to keep playing. So given this scenario, why would anyone want to look at another casino?

The answer is simple: variety. You might be satisfied with the games that are at the casino, but who says that those are all of the games that are out there? Game licensing is a tricky business and not every game will be licensed by every casino. Simply put, they have to pick and choose where they want the money to go. This means that there are some hot games that you might be missing out on playing. A hot game that's making money for other people isn't making any money for you. But there is a way to start correcting this problem. You can always know casino at

New Casinos

What we mean is this: you can check out a new casino all of the time, and start seeing what other casinos are giving their players. If you have reasons to move on, then you can do so without being punished by the old casino. There's nothing that they can do to you, and they will certainly welcome you back if you decide to play there again. In fact, you can play at more than one casino, if you have the bankroll to support such a thing.

You want to mix it up because there's always a new community to check out, and there is certainly always a different contest you can win. Casinos love giving away prizes and money because they know it attracts so many people to their interests.

Play at the casino t your heart's content, but always look for other opportunities. For example, does the casino that you currently play at have a mobile section? This means that you would be able to play on your smartphone, rather than always logging in at the computer. If you don't have that ability, then you really need to check into another casino. You're missing out on a lot more than you think!

Most of casino revenue comes from the “House Edge”. For the regular online casino player, this is a familiar term. Although someone new to a gambling website might find it difficult to comprehend, especially when they come across statements like ” slots has the highest house edge” or “blackjack is the most profitable games to play because it has a low house edge”.

When you play at an online casino, you lose more number of times than you win. In most of the casino games, you are playing against the casino, also known as the house. The online gaming software is developed to give the casino operator an advantage, which means that the odds are stacked in favor of the casino leading the casino to win on more occasions than the player. Casino software uses something called the Random Number Generator to replicate random chance in virtual gaming. This ensures that the outcome of the games is purely by chance.  Casinos are not cheating the player, but they do have a natural advantage over the player.

Casino House Edge

Online casinos are a business entity, wanting to make a profit and this is perfectly legal so long as they don’t cheat their customers. The house edge is the means for online casinos to earn revenues. To take an example, the house edge for Roulette is 5%. So for each dollar wagered on a roulette game, the casino gets 5 cents while the balance 95 cents go to the winners of that game. Over a period of time, casinos will steadily make the money since the players can’t beat the house edge. But this is not to say that online casino games are not profitable. In the short term, many players manage to win their games and also make a small profit.

Although it is not possible to beat the house edge, you can always learn to work around it and make the most of it if possible. That’s what the winners do. They try to work around the house edge by learning the skills to play the game with the best strategy available so that they get ahead of the house edge. It is pertinent to note here that the player wins occasionally and not consistently while playing at a online gambling site. ...continue reading Beating the Casino House Edge

The one thing that exhausts me about casino gaming discussion is the constant belief that you can beat the roulette wheel. What about physics? What about math? What about the law of third? What about…

Save your breath, please. You can keep running circles around the obvious until you’ve got roulette balls for brains, but the bottom line is if there were a sure-fire, bankable way to beat a roulette wheel, there’d be a lot more millionaire’s out there than there are now.

Don’t get me wrong, though, I didn’t say you couldn’t make money in roulette, just that it wouldn’t be guaranteed. And you’d have to instill the typical gambling traits into yourself (patience, discipline, self control) if you want to be successful.

What am I talking about?

First, realization. Roulette is a game that if you want to make big money, you have to put down big wagers. Bottom line. But what goes hand-in-hand with that is trusting yourself completely to be able to walk away after the FIRST time you pull a win from a single-number bet – assuming that puts or keeps you in the black.

Roulette system

That’s the strategy, win big once and go home. Or at least go to the bar. Use progressive betting until you get that hit. Yes, you’ll need a sizable bankroll depending on how much you’re betting each time and how long you plan to wait until that hit comes. Now, I was lying a little when I said you have to go home after one hit. You don’t, but you’ll need to break and go to another table.

On a separate note, since the wheels themselves are, in this modern day of technology, pretty air tight and unbiased, the only faltering variable you can use to spot “trends” at the wheel is the dealer. He or she will sometimes get into a short-term rhythm, something a player can spot, ride out and bet sections of the table to try to capitalize.

Finally, I won’t get into roulette computers here in this article, but just know that they exists and is something else you can look into if you’re interested in gaining further potential advantages at the table.

There are so many various types of online casino bonuses because there are so many different types of players, with varying degrees of financial clout, experience and interests. Any given player may prefer to receive a fistful of money before he plays, or she may prefer poker to slots for example. The very best online casinos have a range of bonuses, from welcome to reload, to daily, weekly and monthly specials. It is really all about you and what suits you best.

The most common bonuses

Welcome match deposit bonuses are without a shadow of a doubt the most common form of online casino bonuses that you will find on the net. With this bonus a player is rewarded a percentile of free money based on how much he or she deposits. For example a deposit of £100 at a 100% match would give you two hundred pounds to play with; one hundred of your own, and one hundred free. Some sites also like to offer reload bonuses which are essentially exactly the same thing, although they are valid every time you deposit, albeit it a lesser percentage.

online casino bonus

Other common bonuses can include free money with no deposit required that you can wager before you decide if you wish to play with your money or not, and free spins, which can be awarded as a means to reward players for continuous play in an online casino.

Other online casino bonuses

Loyalty bonuses are another form of online casino bonuses, and all of the best online casinos will have them. These reward you for the amount of time you spend playing in the online casino, and can often be specific to each game you play. Loyalty bonuses, although generally not worth much in monetary value, do offer prizes, loyalty points (which can be deemed for cash) and often V.I.P. status upgrades. These can then often be used to better your own list of promotions on offer from the casino.

Another form of bonus comes in the form of refer-a-friend bonuses. Many of the best online casinos have these too. If you were to introduce a friend to the online casino for instance, you would be rewarding with cash. Whilst this is common, offers that centre on daily, weekly and monthly promotions are more advantageous because they promise long term deals every day, week or month. Again, the best online casinos have these too.

Which casino bonus is for you?

It really is a consumers market. Exactly which bonus suits you best only you can decide, but generally people prefer match deposit bonuses and this guarantees them instant money when they deposit to their accounts, with few problems.

When playing at online poker sites you may be entitled to special rakeback programs. Rakeback programs are a way of rewarding the player for using the site by giving him back some of the rake that was taken during the play. In online poker, the rake is the little amount that the poker site will skim off of the top of the jackpot in order to pay for the costs of hosting the game. Calculating how much rakeback you’ll receive will depend mostly on the amount of rake you pay each month.

Dealt Rakeback System

Many online poker sites use a dealt rakeback system because it is an easy way to calculate how much rakeback you’ll receive. Technically, the only person paying any rake at the table is the player who won the hand, because the amount that he wins will already have the rake subtracted from it. However, with a dealt rakeback system, any person who contributes to the pot will be entitled to rakeback.

Calculating how much rakeback you’ll receive with a dealt rakeback system will depend on how many hands you play per month, how much rake is taken out from the poker site for each hand and how many players there were at the table. In a dealt rakeback system, a rake of $2 would count as $0.50 if there were four players at the table and $0.25 if there were eight. At most online poker sites you only need to have played in the hand to have it count for rakeback, so even if you fold you can still benefit from rakeback.


Contributed Rakeback System

Some online poker sites use a contributed rakeback system instead. This is a simple rake equation for calculating how much rakeback you’ll receive because it depends on how much money you actually pay into the pot. Therefore, you will receive more rakeback from a hand of poker that you played until the showdown than a hand where you folded after the turn. This is a common rakeback system that is used at many online sites. A contributed rakeback system is set up to reward players who play loose instead of those who play tight. ...continue reading Calculating How Much Rakeback You’ll Receive

Being a good poker player means giving at all you got every time you sit for a round of poker.

Good poker players can squeeze out some money from the toughest poker situations where so-so players cannot. The masters of the game can try something out of the book to see where it goes while newbies and mediocre poker players must not even entertain the thought of it.

Great players know that they can do something great on the poker table. This comes with a ton of experience and that is winning experience on the poker arena. Mediocre poker players has to face the fact that they will be outplayed most of the time by good players and that it is suicidal to do something beyond their set of poker skills.

good poker player

A newbie may call some plays of experienced players unorthodox while the world looks the better player as the lucky party on the table. This happens because newbies pay attention on the early parts of the hands while the good players are focused on the latter portions of the hand.  Excellent players know how to finish a hand well while taking the risk of bigger bets and bigger pots without showing a bit of panic. Beginners will have their eyes on the pre-flop while the better poker players will focus on how to outplay the lesser-skilled players.

Great poker players has the understanding that they do not play the pot to win all the time but to create and re-create favourable situations that will give them a certain edge to have more winnings in the long run. These players may not be afraid to give away some small pots but they patiently stalk the end game where the best things can happen.

Guided by the above tips, one can start trying to have the mentality of a winner, of a better poker player. It takes time but poker like real life is really like that, tough.

There are several different ways in which online poker sites calculate the amount of your rakeback. There are many poker sites that use a dealt rakeback method, which is a favorite amongst poker players that play tight. Understanding the dealt rakeback method is easy because the name says it all – you are awarded rakeback for every real money game of poker where you are dealt cards.

How the Dealt Rakeback Method Works

Rake is the small percentage of the pot that is taken by the online poker site to cover the fees for hosting the game. However, in actuality, the only player at the table who is paying into rake is the person who won the pot as it is raked before being awarded to the winner. A dealt rakeback system ignores this fact and considers every participating player in the hand as part of the rake.

Dealt Rakeback Method

With a dealt rakeback system, the amount of players in the hand will factor into the amount of rakeback you receive. For example, if $4 is paid in rake and there were four players who paid into the pot, each of them would be counted as having paid $1 in rake whether they won, lost or folded. However, if you add an additional player to that hand then the rake for each person at the table would be considered only $0.80.

Most online poker sites will calculate the total amount of rake that you paid with a monthly tally. On a certain date, you will automatically receive a percentage of your rake back into your online poker account. Most poker sites will deduct any bonuses you might have before determining rakeback.

Using the Dealt Rakeback Method to Your Advantage

Understanding the dealt rakeback method can help you use it to your advantage. This type of system is rewarding to tight players because you receive rakeback on hands that you folded. Therefore it makes it worthwhile to at least pay the minimum amount into every pot to get the amount of your rakeback to increase.

Like most rakeback methods, the key to earning more rakeback with the dealt rakeback method is to play more games. Learning how to multi-table is a good way to take advantage of a dealt rakeback system. The more hands you participate in, the more money you will receive each month.

Smaller tables also means fewer players to divide the rake between. If it’s getting too crowded, consider moving off to another table with less competition. Playing poker heads up is the best way to minimize the amount of ways the rake is divided. ...continue reading Understanding the Dealt Rakeback Method

Let's face it: there's plenty of things in life to stress about. Here's something that isn't going to cause you any stress, hassle, worry, or problems: Party Casino. If you play at this casino the way we recommend, you're going to set yourself up in primary position to win some serious cash. Now, when we're talking about gambling, keep in mind one thing: there are no guarantees. You could be top dog one day and top fire hydrant the next day.

But here's what we can tell you: it's a sure thing that you'll catch a promotion, and Party Casino leads the pack in the sheer number of promotions there are. Another name for these promos would be bonus codes. If you want to get a little "thank you" for checking out a casino, you want to check out the bonus codes first.

There are lots of different bonus codes that Party Casino provides. You could get a party casino bonus code that must be used in connection with a certain amount wagered, which means that you get a little risk taken off the table with the bets that you make. After all, if you know that the house is going to cover you to a certain point, why not go big on something that could lead to a jackpot? We sure would!

If you're new, you have to check out the party casino deposit bonus first. This would be CBG500. The casino will give you $500 if you deposit your own $500 first.

party casino deposit bonus

Now, you might feel a little miffed. What kind of "thank you" would this be, given that you have to put in a little money yourself first? It's simple: you're getting to stretch your bankroll. That extra $500 can go to any of the table games, any slot games that you want to play, or just about any other game that they offer. There are some really great slots out there that will let you ring up big time bonuses over and over again, along with secret bonus modes that shell out plenty of coins! We're big slot game players because it doesn't take any thinking to rock out on the slots. You just want to go for the games that have plenty of paylines, lots of free spins, and scatters that can help you rack up more multipliers. Mad Scientist, Madder Scientist, Tunzamunni, The Slotfather, and even Sugar Pop are great slots to check out.

The cool part about Party Casino is that they have their own platform, so they have games of their own. We like Melon Madness, which is too cool for school, man. You have to check out that game, because you can win good money from it. There's also other games that they create which launch from time to time, so you can't miss that. If you're used to casinos never bothering to email you with hot promotions, don't worry. Party Casino will keep you in the loop.

They also offer a reload bonus. You can use 50GAMES100 for 50% of your deposit credited to your account as a bonus, up to $100. So if you deposit a full $200, you'll get a free $200 just because you picked Party Casino above all of the rest. This isn't a welcome bonus either, but what they call a "reload bonus".

Support is something that this casino prides itself on. If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to ask them directly. We've played a few times at Party Casino, and we've been just amazed at how much effort goes into taking good care of the players. Not every online casino or gambling hall can say that, but these folks certainly can.

Check 'em out, and see what you think. With free money practically there for the taking, why wouldn't you at least give it a try?

If you've played your share of poker you've undoubtedly crossed paths with the online bully. He's the one raising every pot at the low limit live games often by ten times the big blind or more. It doesn't stop there either... the flop and turn also bring double or triple the pot-size bets, even when he holds nothing more than a queen high. Happily, there is a solid strategy for the disciplined that should have you inviting the bully to your table rather than fearing him.

The bully employs large bets to encourage players to fold middle or bottom pair... marginal hands really. Also, over time this seems to convince players to play with weaker starting hand, hoping to catch lucky and get paid off... or even worse to move all in with marginal holdings. Don't fall into his trap! The first step to defeating the bully is to understand his strategy.

poker bully

We note that the average player buys in to a no-limit Texas Hold'em game with about 50-100 times the big blind in chips. By raising 10 times the big blind preflop and following up with overbets on the flop and turn, the bully has put his opponent to a decision for all of his chips before the river card comes down. Take into effect that any unpaired hole cards have about a 1 in 3 chance to connect with a pair on the flop... meaning 66% of the time the bully will bet when you haven't even managed to hit a pair. Then, even if you've managed to hit the flop the majority of the time it will be second or bottom pair... not exactly a hand most people are comfortable committing their entire stack to.

This strategy becomes profitable after the other players have loosened up against the bully, calling him down with ace high or, re-raising all in preflop when they have good hands. Ultimately, the bully hasn't had to make any tough decisions. His seemingly insane bets are producing their weight in gold of information about his opponent's holdings. You need to be patient and you need to keep a clear plan of playing strong cards.

First off, be sure you're starting with the proper hands. While's he's picking up the blinds with his J5 offsuit, there's absolutely no reason to confront him with your K7. You want to minimize luck as best you can. Of course, you can't wait for pocket aces every time and you may need to play a little looser than usual... but make sure you stick to middle to high suited connecters, suited aces(an ace with any other card of the same suit), face cards and middle pairs or better. ...continue reading Conquering the Online Bully

When playing Blackjack you will have to make some important decision in order to win the game. The most important one, during the course of a game is whether to stand. For those who are not familiar with the terms of the game, this means that you have to decide whether to keep the cards you have or risk have another one, when it could take you over 21 and cause you to lose.

It is worth looking at the statistics on this. You will find information that will teach you about the odds of getting 21 or less when you have certain pairs of cards. You will know, of course, that if you have 20 then it is best to stick, but when you have 11 onwards, there is always a risk that you will go over 21 as you could be dealt a high number.  The higher the value of the cards you have, then the higher the chance that you will go bust, but knowing the exact figures could help you to make  better decision.


The cards that are already in play will also influence your decision. For example, if all the Aces have come out then that will reduce the chances of getting a low card dealt to you. It will take some working out and concentration but it could give you a far better chance of winning.

You may think that it will take the fun out of the game if you have to concentrate so much, but it will give you a better chance of winning, so you have to decide whether you would rather win more or not. You may find winning more fun and therefore playing to win, could be the best way to play. However, if you do not mind if you win, then tactics are not so important.